• Have Questions? We’re Here All Year!

    Many clients see their CPAs at tax time, when the main focus is on completing and filing their tax return. As a result, they may not take the opportunity to ask questions about long-term tax planning or about other important financial concerns.The good news is that we are available to you all year. We have […]

  • What’s So Great About CPAs?

    You may not have asked yourself that question in so many words, but you may have wondered what sets CPAs apart from other financial professionals. The answer in short: A lot. We typically begin our careers with years of college and graduate education. To become licensed, we must take the demanding Uniform CPA Examination, which […]

  • Don’t Be Taken In By Phony IRS Requests

    The phone rings. The caller says they are from the Internal Revenue Service and they claim you owe taxes and must submit payment through a wire transfer or prepaid debit card. Or you receive an email supposedly from the IRS asking you to share your bank account, credit card or Social Security number. What should […]

  • Documenting Your Charitable Donations

    Many people make donations to charities whose work they support, but if you are planning to take a tax deduction for your gift, you must have the proper paperwork. Assembling the right documentation can also be tricky because the requirements vary based on whether the donation is cash and on the value of your gift. […]

  • Conquer Your Capital Gains Concerns!

    Do you take your cost basis into account when it’s time to sell an asset or investment? When you sell an asset or investment, your cost basis—or the amount you originally paid for it—is subtracted from the sales price to determine your capital gain on the sale. If your last tax return included some surprises […]

  • Take The Uncertainty Out Of Health Care Reform

    If you’re not sure what the new health care law means to you, you’re not alone. A poll by the Kaiser Family Foundation revealed that just over a third of the public had tried to find out more information about the law—the Affordable Care Act—in recent months. About half of the respondents to the survey […]

  • It’s Not Too Late To Make A Retirement Plan Contribution!

    Small business owners usually have a long list of items on their to-do lists. If contributing to your retirement plan was on your agenda last year, there may still be time to add more to your nest egg and reap the rewards on your 2014 return. If you are self-employed, for example, you may qualify […]

  • Gearing Up For Tax Season

    We are currently gearing up for tax season.  This month has been busy thus far with deadlines for W-2’s and 1099’s as well as tax filing season officially opening January 20th.  Now is the time to gather all your information and make notes of any changes that occurred in your life during 2014 that could […]